MSU Seed Potato Certification Program


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In Montana, certification of potatoes grown for seed is conducted by Montana State University. Certification is a voluntary program designed to encourage the production of top-quality seed potatoes through adherence to rigorous testing and inspection requirements, and through research to improve seed potato quality and testing. As part of the certification process, a multitude of functions are conducted by certification and inspection staff at MSU.

  • Summer leaf testing of all early generation seed potatoes
  • Winter grow-out test on all seed-lots is conducted in Hawaii
  • Visual inspection of all registered fields
  • Cooperation with the Montana Potato Improvement Association
  • Production of pre-nuclear tissue culture plantlets and micro-tubers
  • Meristem cutting of all new varieties entering Montana
  • Maintenance in tissue culture of all lines grown in Montana, including growers selections
  • Cooperation in national surveys for potato pests and disease
  • 100% grower supported
  • Cooperation with extension/outreach personnel at MSU and other universities