1. Any certified seed potato grower who willfully violates any certification rule or regulation shall be rejected for any certification for the given year.
  2. MSU may reject an application for certification for the following reasons:
    1. an incomplete application form, as determined by the MSU potato specialist;
    2. a late application form;
    3. the failure of a seed grower to pay a past due or delinquent account or the appropriate application and inspection fees;
    4. a seed-source ineligible for certification;
    5. the failure of a seed grower to appropriately clean and disinfect equipment.
  3. MSU may reject a seed lot, field or application for certification if the crop fails to meet the standards set forth in the rules and regulations.
  4. The MSU potato specialist shall send written notice by certified U.S. mail with return receipt requested to all seed growers whose application or whose seed lot or field is rejected for certification. This notice shall explain the reason for rejection and notify the grower of the right to appeal.